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COVID-19 vaccine

Winter Vaccines Explained – with Dr Amir Khan, Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Karan Ranj
13 million people have now had life-saving booster jabs. If you are eligible, get your booster jab as soon as you can. Follow all safer behaviours to keep COVID-19 from spreading.
A well ventilated room can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection by 70%. Follow all safer behaviours to keep COVID-19 from spreading. If you are eligible, get your booster jab as soon as you can
Vaccines | Q&A with Dr Nighat Arif on vaccine and immunosuppression


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About us

We are Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) HUB-UK NETWORK C.I.C. a non-profit organisation for BAME communities living in the UK and their friends who are non BAME. We are a one-stop shop across the UK united under one umbrella, in our dedication to the BAME Communities’ empowerment. We are supporting people to foster unity and understanding between diverse cultures and to deal with issues arising from misunderstandings and systemic inequalities. BAME HUB-UK C.I.C can be used to act as a focal point in discuss and disseminating the issues that arise from the BAME community and the UK government as large.


Our mission is to bridge the gap and improve communication between the UK mainstream and BAME communities. 

  • To advance social cohesion and inclusion by reducing isolation and social exclusion.
  • To advocate for equality, diversity, and justice.
  • To improve access for marginalised BAME groups to social welfare and immigration, such as legal advice regarding immigration and asylum, housing, financial support, healthcare, education, provide care, support, refuge and sanctuary for victims of domestic abuse/violence support services
  • To provide children & youth empowerment programmes.
  • To deliver mentorship, career development, nurturing talents, financial advice, and recreational and juvenile justice program.
  • To promote overall health and mental health support programmes.
  • To create 3000 jobs across the U.K. through employment, internship, work placement and voluntary jobs.
  • To provide support and feeding programmes for vulnerable people, e.g., asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants with little or no public recourse and people with mental health difficulties and homelessness.
  • To offer international and cultural exchange programmes.
  • To improve cultural cohesion and understanding by fostering cooperation and collaboration within BAME communities and the U.K. mainstream

Young people "12-15s" can now get the Covid-19 vaccine at local vaccination centre as well as at school" ,National Resilience Hub Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Office

“12-15s” year olds can now receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please watch video below which contains more relevant information related to “12-15s year old Covid-19 vaccine including, parents consent, invitation, safety, family, wellbeing, protection, efficacy etc.

  • Younger people are at risk from COVID-19 and can pass on the illness to loved ones such as family and friends

  • Vaccines prevent serious illness, deaths and hospital admissions.

  • Encourage young people in your communities to have a jab

  • Walk in centres are now available for younger people to get their free vaccine.

cycling event

Colchester Life in the UK C.I.C director Rachel Njuguna invited BAME Executive committee and members  to CYCLING FUN DAY WITH TEENAGERS event sponsored by Active Essex and supported by Cllr. Lorcan Whitehead councillor  for New Town & Christ Church at Recreation Park 

Community Participation Events

Lawyer Annia Book Launch Event

On October 3rd, 2021. Amongst Mayor Lora Lawman, Councillor Graham Lawman, Ms. Alice Maina, Founder & CEO, and Brian Ngure Community Engagement Officer of the BAME Hub Network C.I.C proudly participated in the book launch hosted by the, I am Annia Publishing. The book was written by Annia Rudo Gombakomba, a lawyer, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and community activist. Her very first book is titled SUNFLOWER AND THORNS – A Collection of Poems of Life, where she explores the many meanings of life. Being a mother and a businesswoman, she has gifted us her words to see life through her eyes and breathe the Zimbabwean breeze through her work. The BAME HUB-UK NETWORK C.I.C team wishes her success in her future endeavours and is looking forward to celebrating her further accomplishments.

Congratulations, Lawyer Annia on your successful book launch

Community events, Activities and Projects

We have offered various volunteer opportunities to our community within our organisation to increase participation and improve employability across the UK. Recently, we partnered with Mind, Body and Soul (M.B.S.) organisation for summer police work placement with Merseyside Police Force. We have organised fun and recreational days for our members whereby families meet, socialise, and have fun. We have also participated in various community events invited by our partners in Colchester, Liverpool, London, Northamptonshire, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton, Nottingham, Kenya etc.

A night with Miss 2021 England Rehema Muthamia

— Our Vision
To empower and equip BAME communities and their families with skills to be self-sufficient, that help them avoid pitfalls associated with lack of empowerment or lack of information. This will improve their social standing by being more cohesive, socially and economically productive within the British Society as they build their lives in the UK.
— Our Mission
To bridge the gap and improve communication between the UK mainstream and BAME communities.
— Our Objectives

·        To advance social cohesion and inclusion by reducing isolation and social exclusion

·        To advocate for equality, diversity and justice

·        To improve access for marginalized BAME groups to social welfare such as legal advice regarding immigration and asylum, housing and financial support, healthcare and education

·        To provide children & youth empowerment programmes

·        To deliver mentorship, career development, nurturing talents, financial advice, recreational and juvenile justice programme 

·        To promote overall health and Mental health support programmes 

·        To create 3000 jobs across the UK through employment, internship, work placement and voluntary jobs

·        To provide support and feeding programmes for vulnerable people e.g., asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants with little or no public recourse and people with mental health difficulties and homelessness.

·        To offer international and cultural exchange programmes 

·        To improve cultural cohesion and understanding by fostering cooperation and collaboration within BAME communities and UK


— Our Story

We found that there are structural inequalities in health, education,
crime, policing, and BAME experience post-migration living difficulties such
as; racism, discrimination, hate crime, hostile immigration policies, cultural
differences and language barriers, poor housing, lack of employment, poverty,
etc. These factors may have directly or indirectly impacted the mental health
and overall health well-being of BAME communities in one way or the other
and are more likely to die from covid-19

 — Our Core Value



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What BAME Hub-UK Network Does

We Find & Empower

BAME Hub-UK Network, seek to create 3000 jobs across the UK. Through employment, internships, work placement and voluntary job opportunities, which could lead to successful employment. By doing so BAME Hub -UK Network  promotes, empowers, contributes to the economy, and enhances social integration for BAME communities at large and  helps them to achieve maximum potential  so that they can remain safe in the community. Stay away from criminal and gang-related activities such as shootings, knife crime, drug dealings, etc.

We Strengthen

BAME Hub-UK network aims to empower BAME Communities and thus created this space  to harness and make the most of the opportunities available to them. This way,  BAME communities will develop greater knowledge, skills, and better attitudes for their own and communities benefit. Additionally, discover the values they have in common without fear of judgement. As well as understanding the impact of Covid-19 and look ways of how to address and inform issues related to structural inequalities.

We Consult

We are happy to work with statutory and non-statutory agencies and professionals from all backgrounds including; Legal representatives – solicitors, social workers, police officers and prisons, academicians/researchers, local authorities, secondary schools, colleges, universities, NHS and health professionals, various BAME religious organizations including churches, temples and mosques as well as community organizations.

We Educate

BAME Hub-UK Network provide quality training, workshops, seminars, social support, cultural exchange and educational programmes, community engagement activities and volunteering opportunities to UK BAME communities and young people in a safe, non-threatening environment that is conducive to social learning, personal development and social inclusion.



We Listen, We Care & We Act

 BAME Hub-UK Network helps BAME vulnerable  people with various social issues and  with mental health difficulties. We  reduce isolation and social exclusion  by advancing social cohesion through community events and making referrals to community social groups.
BAME Hub-UK Network also assist vulnerable BAME communities who have been out of work for long period due to illness, disability or lack of education and qualifications with our ”’ BAME one step to work” initiative. This initiative helps them to work with us without judgement of their ability, disability or previous work experience. This  help BAME communities to engage in British civic life and thereby contribute to the wider society socially and economically. This also  help to strengthen community spirit, promote, empower, contribute to the British economy, and enhance social cohesion and integration for BAME  communities at large.

We Support Children & Youth

BAME Hub-UK Network Youth Programme aims to improve BAME children and youth on a holistic level. We specifically improve their quality of life through trainings, seminars, social events, mentorship, educational support and developing their awareness of the consequences of life choices, an awareness that rights come with  responsibilities. 

  Develop a deep awareness of academic strengths and available opportunities, sporting and career opportunities that are available to them and then focusing especially on the socioeconomic challenges that BAME youth face in society. 

We Build Networks

We Build Networks A night with Miss 2021 England Rehema Muthamia

BAME Hub-UK Network is building a network of role models, business entrepreneurs, mentors, heroes in education, sport and art.  We also provides a platform where BAME communities can meet to share stories, give voice to voiceless, and discover the values they have in common, without judgement. To discuss and understand the impact of COVID-19 and have an opportunity to share and make known their opinions regarding COVID-19, local and national issues of importance to them, without judgement.




Impact Stories

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