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We're Building a World Where All People Feel Safe and Valued.

BAME Hub-UK Network

BAME HUB-UK NETWORK  is a registered community interest company (C.I.C) for Black, Asian, and ethnic minorities living  in the UK and their non-BAME friends. An anchor network with a broad focus on some existing gaps due to systemic and structural inequalities.  Our primary focus is to improve communication and bridge the gap between BAME communities and UK mainstream through debates on how to address the structural and systemic inequalities which exist within public services such as education, housing, policing and other social sectors..

Our initiatives are effective in offering an early intervention and prevention measure to steer our BAME youth in the right direction and divert them away from crime, drugs, reckless, intolerance and stress. These initiatives also impact positive attitudes, confidence and the love of their life with inspiration and hope. BAME Hub-UK Network is empowering and support BAME young people to prevent them from becoming a lost generation in future.  

Many organizations have emerged over the years in a bid to tackle some of these issues. Not many have been adequately focusing on specific issues common to all BAME communities across the UK. These concerns suggest a persistent gap that calls for a multi-ethnic approach that enables BAME within this bracket to build up or gain confidence in life. They can then successfully engage in British civic life and thereby contribute to British society socially and economically.

What BAME Hub-UK Network Does

We Find & Empower

We the BAME Hub-UK Network, seek to create 3000 jobs across the UK. Through internships, placement, and voluntary job opportunities, which could lead to successful employment. By doing so, we promote, empower, contribute to the economy, and enhance social integration for BAME communities at large. And help them to achieve maximum potential and so that they can remain safe in the community. Stay away from criminal and gang-related activities such as shootings, knife crime, drug dealings, etc.

We Strengthen

BAME Hub-UK network aims to empower and thus created this space as a need to harness and make the most of the opportunities available to them. This way,  BAME communities will develop greater knowledge, skills, and better attitudes for their own and communities benefit. Additionally, discover the values they have in common without fear of judgement. As well as understanding the impact of Covid-19 and structural inequalities.

We Consult

We are happy to work with statutory and non-statutory agencies, professionals from all backgrounds including; Legal representatives – solicitors, social workers, police officers and prisons, academicians/researchers, local authorities, secondary schools, colleges, universities, NHS and health professionals, various BAME religious organizations including churches, temples and mosques as well as community organizations.

We Educate

We provide quality training, support, community engagement activities and volunteering opportunities to UK BAME communities and young people in a safe, non-threatening environment that is conducive to social learning, personal development and social inclusion.

We Build Networks

BAME Hub-UK Network  provides a platform where BAME communities can meet to share stories, raise voices, and discover the values they have in common, without judgement. Understand the impact of COVID-19 discuss, address, communicate and have an opportunity to share and make known their opinions regarding local and national issues of importance to them, without judgement.

We Care

Our aim is to advance social cohesion by connecting BAME communities through dialogue to address, communicate, discuss, raise awareness and inform issues related to BAME communities and their families.

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