" I am extremely proud to lead the talented and committed BAME Hub-UK Network team. Our staff and volunteers support BAME communities across the UK to become more cohesive and productive socially and economically in British Society as they build their lives in the UK"

Alice Maina CEO & Founder

Alice Maina, who is the Founder and CEO of Non-profit BAME Hub UK Network C.I.C, developed the idea for a community-based Charitable initiative, inspired by a heartfelt desire to address some of the prominent social, economic education, policing and health gaps existing in the diverse BAME community living in the UK.

Alice shared a vision based on her work, educational background in Sociology, Social Work, Criminology and Psychology as well as a Master of International Public Health and currently pursuing a PhD in Social Work.  Additionally, her own past  lived experiences dealing with local authorities, schools  and health professionals as well as her current research on BME families within the social work field.

Alice is concerned about  the impact of  the COVID-19 pandemic,  disproportionately police stop and search among BAME communities, poor housing,  lack of employment, BAME children over-represented in care and inside the criminal justice system ,  knife crime, shooting, grooming, drug trafficking,  antisocial behaviour mainly associated with complex family issues, loss of cultural identity (partly due to suspected gang activity, extremism, and radicalization), post-migration living difficulties including cultural differences, racism, discrimination, language barrier, lack of social support as well as persistent poor performance in formal education, etc. Alice is seeking to improve communication and bridge the gap between BAME communities and UK mainstream. 

These concerns have been also raised and magnified in the UK media houses and on numerous occasions among parents and guardians of young people within the BAME community. Alice became more concerned and found flaws within the system. The system lacks the understanding and awareness of the needs of BAME communities. Therefore, there is an urgent need for improvement in order to disperse public services equally and fairly.

Alice is working and supported by a dedicated team of various professionals across the UK, such as legal representatives, social workers, health professionals, academicians/researchers, mentors and community leaders.

BAME HUB-UK Network is willing to work with UK local and national government, police, Home Office,  education institutions, charities, churches, mosque, health professionals, community organizations etc.


Serena Muhanji

Graphic Designer

Brian Ngure

Youth Engagement Officer

Geoffrey Ogambo

Head of Campaigns & IT Lead

Joyce Mbau

Head of Youth Projects

Shanice Katana

Senior Administrator

Idd abdulai Community Engagement Officer
Idd Abdulai

Company Secretary

Justyna McMahon

Community Link Officer

Kiran Inayat

Head of Nutrition & Public Health Programs

Sharon Rose Moore

Chief Publication Officer