Providing Domestic Abuse support

BAME HUB – UK Network C.I.C. has experience in providing domestic abuse support in the following areas;

  • Support with the day to day running of the service, for example, scheduling times for counselling sessions, group activities
  • Advocacy support through the development of personal safety plans, liaison with other services (for example, GPs and social workers, welfare benefit providers)
  • Domestic abuse prevention advice support to assist victims in recognising the signs of abusive relationships, to help them remain safe (including online), and to prevent re-victimisation
  • Specialist support for victims is explicitly designed for victims with relevant protected characteristics indicated on The Equality Act 2010, such as disability, race, sex, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity etc. 
  • Specialist support for victims is explicitly designed for victims with additional and/or complex needs such as mental health advice and support, drug and alcohol advice and support, including signposting accordingly.
  • Children’s support, including play therapy and child advocacy
  • Providing housing-related advice and support, for example, securing a permanent home, rights to existing accommodation and advice on how to live safely and independently
  • Advice service including financial and legal support, including accessing benefits, support into work and establishing independent financial arrangements
  • Counselling and therapy services (including group support) for both adults and children, including emotional support
  • BAME Hub-UK Network has been assisting victims of domestic violence in London through:
  • Providing personal Independent Domestic Abuse Advisors (IDVAs) allocated specifically to BAME communities to listen to domestic violence and abuse victims and understand their circumstances.
  • Providing a personal safety plan based on the individual circumstances and providing emotional and practical support.
  • We provide voluntary group sessions for victims to meet and share their experiences with other victims of domestic violence and abuse.
  • BAME also provides support through the criminal, civil and family courts.

We Find and Empower

BAME Hub-UK Network, seek to create 3000 jobs across the UK. Through employment, internships, work placement and voluntary job opportunities, which could lead to successful employment. By doing so BAME Hub -UK Network  promotes, empowers, contributes to the economy, and enhances social integration for BAME communities at large and  helps them to achieve maximum potential  so that they can remain safe in the community. Stay away from criminal and gang-related activities such as shootings, knife crime, drug dealings, etc.

We Strengthen

BAME Hub-UK network aims to empower BAME Communities and thus created this space  to harness and make the most of the opportunities available to them. This way,  BAME communities will develop greater knowledge, skills, and better attitudes for their own and communities benefit. Additionally, discover the values they have in common without fear of judgement. As well as understanding the impact of Covid-19 and look ways of how to address and inform issues related to structural inequalities.

We Support Children and Youth

BAME Hub-UK Network Youth Programme aims to improve BAME children and youth on a holistic level. We specifically improve their quality of life through trainings, seminars, social events, mentorship, educational support and developing their awareness of the consequences of life choices, an awareness that rights come with  responsibilities.

  Develop a deep awareness of academic strengths and available opportunities, sporting and career opportunities that are available to them and then focusing especially on the socioeconomic challenges that BAME youth face in society.

We Educate

BAME Hub-UK Network provide quality training, workshops, seminars, social support, cultural exchange and educational programmes, community engagement activities and volunteering opportunities to UK BAME communities and young people in a safe, non-threatening environment that is conducive to social learning, personal development and social inclusion.

We Listen, We Care & We Act

BAME Hub-UK Network helps BAME vulnerable people with various social issues and with mental health difficulties. We reduce isolation and social exclusion by advancing social cohesion through community events and making referrals to community social groups.
BAME Hub-UK Network also assist vulnerable BAME communities who have been out of work for long period due to illness, disability or lack of education and qualifications with our ”’ BAME one step to work” initiative. This initiative helps them to work with us without judgement of their ability, disability or previous work experience. This help BAME communities to engage in British civic life and thereby contribute to the wider society socially and economically. This also help to strengthen community spirit, promote, empower, contribute to the British economy, and enhance social cohesion and integration for BAME communities at large.

We Consult

We are happy to work with statutory and non-statutory agencies and professionals from all backgrounds including; Legal representatives – solicitors, social workers, police officers and prisons, academicians/researchers, local authorities, secondary schools, colleges, universities, NHS and health professionals, various BAME religious organizations including churches, temples and mosques as well as community organizations.

We Build Networks

BAME Hub-UK Network is building a network of role models, business entrepreneurs, mentors, heroes in education, sport and art.  We also provides a platform where BAME communities can meet to share stories, give voice to voiceless, and discover the values they have in common, without judgement. To discuss and understand the impact of COVID-19 and have an opportunity to share and make known their opinions regarding COVID-19, local and national issues of importance to them, without judgement.

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